About Sue Webber

Sue Webber is a Conservative MSP for Lothian.

She ran her own business providing services and medical supplies to our NHS so saw first-hand how poorly the SNP manages the priorities of the health service in Scotland. Sue worked in the healthcare industry from 1996 up to her election as an MSP.

Sue first entered politics during the independence referendum in 2014 when she was part of the Better Together campaign. Seeing that the SNP would not let go of their separatist agenda, Sue decided to run for office herself, to represent her local area which has been poorly served by the SNP at Council and Holyrood.

As a councillor for the Pentland Hills, Sue has been a powerful voice for local residents and is known as a councillor that gets things done.

In Holyrood, Sue is the Shadow Minister for Drugs Policy as well as the Shadow Minister for Public Health, Women’s Health and Sport.